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The Vanishing River

Voices From The Darling

This web site exists to bring the voices of ordinary Australians

living along the Lower Darling River (Baaka) to the wider world through our recorded interviews and informative links. 

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     Imagine a river flowing westward across Northern New South Wales, glistening under the hot sun,

teaming with fish and yabbies. Giant ancient River Red Gums line the banks, all filled with birds of many kinds.

There are kangaroos, emus and goannas cautiously drinking from the water’s edge. 

A soft wind gently cools the scene, rustling leaves and gently stirring the surface of this ageless water flow.  

     The vision is of a long and winding stream of life, following along a path made over half a million years.

A symbol of the Australian Outback, making its way across the desert along a riverbank etched into the soils and the very soul of Gondwanaland. A solitary envoy bringing Life and renewal to the vast interior of

Australia, the world's driest continent. 

For tens of thousands of years, the people living along side and because of this river have called it "Baaka". 

     This vision was a reality for half a million years before people arrived, and over fifty thousand years after that.

If you can see this vision in your mind, you need to know, Baaka our Darling River is not like this now. Now the Darling is repeatedly pumped out and stopped from flowing at all, reduced to a string of polluted and stagnant pools, often containing farm chemical runoff and toxic cyanobacteria (a.k.a. blue-green algae)

that can kill wildlife, stock and people too. 


    Please try to understand these things. The future of our continent is now on the chopping block.

Global capital and international corporations are doing their best to take it all, permanently. 

Our Darling, Menindee Lakes and the west of NSW is being assaulted terribly by short-sighted and

selfish crimes against the future, known as "Ecocide" - The destruction of ecosystems. 

Share this information with anyone who cares. 

Please - This issue affects everyone. 

Please, hear the interviews and tell people about this urgent situation. 

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-Not Because Of Drought-

The Darling River is empty - but not because of drought

the government and companies have pumped the whole thing out.


People there are suffering and don't know who to trust 

they watch their lives, farms and lands fail and turn to dust. 

Please, listen to their stories and think of what to do - 

go to


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