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- Earthling Studios P/L - 
We are an independent media production collective devoted to informing with facts and trends about those things that determine our collective futures.
We aim to do this in plain language that everyone can understand.
Our goal is to inform and engage issues of significance and substance. 
Please contact us
with your ideas and your feedback.

Input -

If you have a particular project or subject in mind

that you would like us to explore, that is good. 

Contact us by email or call us and tell us about it. 

We may be able to work together

for a strong positive result.

Our contact information is below on this page. 


If you are able and would like to support us in our work, donations are always welcome.

All donations to Earthling Studios will be used to continue

our work, helping ordinary people to better understand, 

issues related to the preservation of biodiversity, 

our Habitat and humane behaviours. 

  Account Name  - Earthling Studios P/L

BSB - 533000 

Account Number - 275608 

The recorded interviews on this site are public property and can be shared and broadcast without any additional permissions.


To obtain downloads of these interviews for sharing,

broadcasting or transcription



Earthling Studios
PO Box 30
Stuarts Point, NSW 2441
Phone  -  61 487 083 852 or 61 427 571 770

-Not Because Of Drought-

The Darling River is empty - but not because of drought

the government and companies have pumped the whole thing out.


People there are suffering, and don't know who to trust, 

they watch their lives, farms and lands, fail and turn to dust. 

Please, listen to their stories, and think, of what to do - 

go to

Special thanks to Tony Smith for his song and

all the beautiful music used in our interviews. 

The song - "Dying Darling" by Tony Smith - Tony Smith
00:00 / 00:00

A special thanks also to Nerida Healy for the photo on our homepage.

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