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A call (plea) to the Prime Minister of Australia

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          On behalf of the 25,000 or so people living and working on lands west of Bourke, and along the Lower Darling River in New South Wales, I call on you, The Prime Minister of Australia to declare a national environmental emergency, in that The Menindee Lakes have been unnaturally and forcibly drained and dried, and the Darling River has been stopped by industry from flowing naturally. And, because of this, you The Prime Minister of Australia needs to order or arrange somehow, that the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder will buy back from irrigators and return by river flows a minimum of 500-gigalitres of water to the Barwon-Darling river system and Menindee Lakes immediately, or as soon as physically possible as a one-off emergency action. 

​     This water shall be declared “The Darling River / Menindee Lakes Restoration Flow”. And you, The Prime Minister of Australia will see that The Darling River / Menindee Lakes Restoration Flow will be protected by placing a total extraction embargo on the entire flow.

​          This flow is to restore lakes Pamamaroo, Menindee, and Wetherill at Menindee to a reasonable holding level and thereafter be a protected water supply for people, wildlife and the lands surrounding and below the town of Menindee, especially the Great Darling River Anabranch. And that, when the next flood occurs, Lakes Menindee and Cawndilla shall be allowed to fill and remain full without any industrial extraction until the next flood, unless a water supply emergency is experienced in South Australia, or they evaporate naturally. This evaporation being vital to the entire region’s ecosystems. 

​          I make this call out of a desperate need to see changes in the present situation, and to the legislations and behaviours that have led us here to this terrible place, where our families, farms and Habitat are under a direct threat of eradication, due to the over allocation of irrigation and extraction licences in Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales. These water allocations and the associated chemical pollution runoff from irrigated lands having completely upset the water cycle and forces of nature over the entire western region of New South Wales. 

          Furthermore, I hereby demand that the chemical runoff from irrigated properties in the Northern-Catchment or Darling River Basin be stopped immediately. It has become clear through water testing that fertilisers and other dangerous farm chemicals are reaching the river, directly or through the water table, and are directly responsible for the plagues of cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae) outbreaks, causing massive deaths in birdlife, mammals, farm stock and the ongoing tragedy of large fish-kills experienced along the Barwon/Darling over the past twenty years. It is also strongly suspected these chemicals are directly responsible for cancer-clusters in human populations at Menindee. 

​          I also ask you to support us all in having the Menindee Lakes re-inundated, returned to nature and restored as the globally significant “Natural Wonders” that they have been for the past 90 million years. And to support us along with Broken Hill Council in an application to have the Menindee Lakes System listed under The Ramsar Convention, as the globally significant sanctuary and breeding ground for native vegetation, fish, birds and migratory water-birds they have been for around a half million years. 

​            I make this petition because it must be made, and must be clearly seen to have been made. I make these calls to you the Prime Minister of Australia expecting most Australians support me in calling for a federal royal commission into the Basin Plan and water trading in Australia since 2004. 

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NOTE - They say the Prime Minister can not make this happen, because water is constitutionally under state controls, not federal ones.  And that neither The Prime Minister or anyone else in Federal Parliament could or would order it. Although any Prime Minister that was a true leader could make these things happen in a minute. A state government leader or group of state or federal leaders could do it if they chose to. Let us hope they do, very soon.          

         Another option is to alter the Australian Constitution to include "Rights Of Nature Legislation", or for "Rights Of Nature Legislation" to be written into or onto The Water Act 2007 and Water Regulations 2008, thereby assuring that our communities vital life supporting ecosystems and biodiversity are protected by law, also protecting our future from ruination by mindless and heartless corporations and selfish people. 


Water in Beardmore Dam near St George in Queensland

was released to irrigators in January and February 2019.

This water enabled irrigation operators to make huge profits in the middle of a major drought with water they supposedly owned, while untolled millions of fish died.  This same water could have been sent to Menindee to rescue the tens of tons of surviving native fish 

trapped there in Lake Pamamaroo.

All were doomed to die as their water slowly dried out to mud and dust. 

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